Sunday, December 1, 2013


EARTH-1 CENTRAL functions as the Founding Council, through which the existing matrix of global governance shall evolve through these next 81 years into the XXII Century. The critical nature of these evolutionary paradigms is that there are two fundamental population groups occupying Earth at present: (a) The Stewards, who will continue to nurture and harvest resources for sustainable production of both nutrition and shelter; and, (b) The Elitists, who have determined that their ethic is migration – that they will develop technologies that will permit interplanetary space travel. It is not that “Elitists” is meant to insinuate a derogatory connotation; rather, in this reference, herein, is to be interpreted as being: “those who are destined to alight” beyond Earth; to encompass our very nature of population survival … wherein, the logic of cosmology is to understand the unfolding nature of our universe; and, that EARTH is destined to dissolve through the inevitable progress of life in this galaxy… and, that our perpetual quest, as a species, is to very forward - beyond and forever more.

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